Owner Trained Service Dogs

If you are interested in training your own Service Dog, The Exceptional Pet can help. First know that raising a puppy while also living with a disability is not always possible or a good idea. Puppies are a tremendous amount of work and require constant socialization in public to be successful Service Dogs. There is also a very high likelihood that the dog that you raise will not be comfortable in the job you require. It is much like children in that we can’t raise our children expecting them to be brain surgeons. They have to want the job and be good at it. The fail rate for perfectly bred, raised, and trained dogs in multi million dollar organizations is still only around 50%. If you are not prepared to hear that your dog is not a suitable fit as a Service Dog then training a dog yourself is not the right choice for you.

If you live within driving distance to Newtown, CT we are happy to complete a Public Access Test and certify Owner Trained Service Dogs if they have attended and completed classes at The Exceptional Pet. Before contacting us for a test please make sure that you have done all of the proper training and socializing. Dogs must be at least 15 months old, up to date on all appropriate vaccines, and comfortable and focused while out in public. We also require a doctor’s note specifying the need for a service animal.

We have received donations of lovely dogs from:

Southpaw Labradors

Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles

Nutmeg Labradoodles