This little pup just loves the beach and sand.  Here is is lounging in the sand.

Meet The Exceptional Sidekick Service Dogs:

Bella's Stats


A+ Quick to learn, give kisses, do whatever is asked of her.


Top Personality Traits:  Friendly, inquisitive, loving, smart, calm when working, spunky when
being a pup.


Loves to:  Play fetch, play with other dogs,
and chase leaves.


Favorite Toys:  Kong ball, stuffed fox, bear,
and dinosaur.


Blue's Stats


A+ Very attentive during training and masters new commands quickly.


Top Personality Traits:  Curiosity and playfulness with vest off; focused with vest on! Great with kids.


Loves to:  Chase falling leaves, sit for treats, and try to catch anything that flies or crawls!


Favorite Toys:  A Kong with peanut butter inside.


Harry's Stats


A+ Very good at “leave it” and “sit,” “checks in” frequently with his trainer/puppy raiser when walking, good at “heeling.”



Top Personality Traits:  Snoring heavily when he sleeps.  He also snorts!


Loves to:  Climb into his family’s laps and give them puppy hugs and kisses, when he is not working.


Favorite Toys:  Like a typical lab, Harry loves to retrieve anything and especially loves playing fetch with a ball. He also loves socks and stuffed animals.


Jake's Stats


A+ A natural with basic behavioral commands.


Top Personality Traits:  Strong, smart, playful, kind, and an extremely effective "Sock Collector."


Loves to:  Eat, play with anything squeaky, and work on his brilliant "keep-away" strategy.


Favorite Toys:  Squeaky moose (yes moose, not mouse), a Pokemon ball, vacuum cleaner.


Taco's Stats


A+ Excellent at sit, down, riding in the car, and catching flying cheerios.  He never chews on anything he isn’t supposed to.


Top Personality Traits:  A playful, happy, boy.  He doesn't just wag his tail, he wags his entire body.


Loves to:  Follow his trainer everywhere, and sleep with his head on someone’s foot.


Favorite Toys:  Stuffed toys and antlers.


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The Exceptional Sidekick is a non-profit organization that transform lives by identifying, raising, and training exceptional Psychiatric Service Dogs to match -- at no cost -- with children and adults suffering from psychiatric disabilities, while engaging and educating the community in the process.




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