“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothings going to change, its not.” -Dr. Seuss

Exceptional Sidekicks Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and depends solely on your generous donations, all of which are 100% Tax Deductible. We can only continue to grow and help more and more people in need, with your help. Raising and training our psychiatric service dogs costs on average $25,000* per dog for the first two years of their life before they get placed with a companion. In addition, we require funding to support our operating costs**, and continuing education and follow ups with dogs who have been placed. PLEASE consider making a donation today. THANK YOU!

Vest, Leashes and More $400

With your $400 donation you can supply one of our puppies with proper identification in the form of a service dog cape. Since they grow a lot in their first two years each dog requires four different cape sizes. Each one of these capes need to be embroidered to properly identify the dog as a Service Dog in Training per CT law.
We also supply each graduating team with a new service dog vest, leash and collar upon completion
of the program.

Dine with a Pup $500

With your $500 donation, you and a guest get the chance to join one of our service puppies in training and Dog Trainer/Exceptional Sidekick Founder Abby Hill, for breakfast at a restaurant in Newtown. Because service dogs in training are allowed in any public place, people really enjoy the experience of taking a dog into a setting like a restaurant.

Make a donation to Honor a Loved One $50

Making a donation in honor of or in memorial of a loved one – family member, friend, dog or cat — is truly a wonderful way to show you care for them. Whether you are honoring a special occasion or remembering a
life of love and dedication, you can ensure that their legacy continues by making a donation in
their name.

Stocks and Securities

One time gifts of stock or mutual funds provide us with ongoing operational and endowment funding which allows us to expand. Right now there is a two year wait for most people needing a psychiatric service dog in this country. With your support we can expand the area we cover and also provide other types of service animals besides psychiatric service dogs. Email for more information

Corporate Sponsorship and Giving

If you are affiliated with a corporation or foundation, we greatly welcome the opportunity to help you select the best program to sponsor. Sponsoring special events, conferences or celebrations is a great way to position your company in front of other businesses and community leaders, as well as to support The Exceptional Sidekick. Email for more information

Planned Giving

Include The Exceptional Sidekick in your estate plans through your will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or life income gift. Contributions to our planned giving program enable us to continue our goal of helping others live independently through the use of our wonderful dogs. Everyone has the capacity to leave a legacy, regardless of income. The Exceptional Sidekick is totally reliant on private donations, and for future expansion we also truly depend on the personal benefaction of friends who support our mission in a number of ways. You can donate a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the assets in your will, stock options, annuity or even land. Please contact your financial advisor for guidance on how to include The Exceptional Sidekick in your will.
Email for more information

Frequent Flyer Miles

Our dogs need to be comfortable flying with their new handlers. With your gift we will take short flights that expose the dog to airport security lines, foot traffic, rolling bags, people movers, and a stressful/hectic environment. On the plane the dog will learn to back into the footwell, lay quietly during the flight, ignore all of the new sights and smells, stay calm during takeoff and landing, and deal with air pressure changes. The last thing we want is for an anxious flyer to have an anxious dog. The IRS recognizes award points and miles as a gift or an award from the corporation to the individual. Therefore, points and frequent flier miles donated to us are not considered tax deductible. Email for more information


* The breakdown is as follows PER DOG:
Purchase dog:$3,000
Puppy Well Visits:$500
Yearly Well Visits:$300
Heartworm Meds for 2 yrs:$200
Flea and Tick Meds for 2 yrs: $400
Food for 2 yrs: $1,440
Leashes/Vests/Collars: $400
Health Testing: $2,000
Training for new Owner: $1,000
Puppy Raiser Training: $1,200
Group classes at The Exceptional Pet: $ 2880
Task Training for new Owner: $10,000
Crates for home and school: $300
Beds, Toys, Tugs: $200
Harnesses and Gentle Leaders: $20